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05 july 14:00 monday
Atlas Weekend Friends Edition
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22 march 19:00 friday
Main Music Ceremony "YUNA Award
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26 june 14:00 saturday
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14 august 14:00 saturday


Electronica, Folk

Onuka is a Ukrainian group that began its existence in 2013. The musical style of their tracks is nothing more than electro-folk. This project was created with the help of Evgeny Filatov and Natalia Zhizhchenko (vocalist, main ideologist and author of the group's musical compositions).

Natalia Zhizhchenko, in addition to her vocal career, is also known for playing such musical instruments as the ocarin, the flute and the omnicord.

Natalia is not the only participant in the project, also a participant was Daria Sert (pianist; sometimes she showed herself on backing vocals), Maria Sorokina (played drums), and Evgeny Yovenko (playing bandura). At the moment, the group "Onuka" members are Natalia Zhizhchenko, Maria Sorokina, Darina Sert, Evgeniy Yovenko, Taras Fedorovych Stolyar. On the drum kit, the work of Maria Sorokina, “Onuka” the group looks strong enough.

The project received this name due to the fact that the vocalist is the granddaughter of Aleksandr Shlenchik, known in his circles as a master of the folk instrument.

The band's popularity began with the track "Look", which was presented in the fall of 2013. In the middle of winter, the country had the opportunity to see the video clip for this single, initiated by Yevgeny Filatov.

The Onuka project performed its first stage performance on June 13, 2014 at the Centrum club in Kiev.

The release of the mini-album "LOOK" took place in the late spring of the same year.

The debut album made a splash. The position in the rating was even higher than that of the Okean Elzy project. This collection of songs has taken the top spot on iTunes. In order to get on the tour of the Onuka group, whose concerts take place in various cities, just go to the band's website Group "Onuka" won the Eurovision Song Contest with its sincerity, for which it received a sufficient number of points. For the group "Onuka" the event in their career was their performance at the Eurovision Song Contest.

It included ten tracks, 4 of which were already known to everyone who was lucky enough to listen to the mini-album "LOOK". Thanks to folk instruments, Ukrainian sound motives prevailed in the singles. All of the above was combined with an electronic arrangement by Evgeny Filatov. In addition, he took an active part in the development of the latest collection of the singer Jamala.

Immediately after the presentation of the album, the single Zavtra was released on the Most Addictive Records label, presented in the Ukrainian version.

Winter 2014 was remembered for the project by the fact that Onuka was recognized as the winner of 2 nominations, according to the calculations of "Cultprostir". The first is the best debut of 2014, the second is the presentation of the best debut album.

The achievements of the project did not end there. Two years later, a very thematic mini-album "VIDLIK" was released. It was dedicated to the Chernobyl accident and its further consequences. "VIDLIK" became known as the 1st release of the new label of the same name. The popular song "Svitanok" was especially notable, as it mentioned part of the work of Jerzy Konopie, an artist who was known for doing street art in Kiev.

The composition called "19 86" cannot be ignored either. It included audio recordings of dispatcher conversations of fire departments on that ill-fated day when the disaster occurred.

"VIDLIK" has 5 songs performed in two languages ​​(national and English).

Natalia Zhizhchenko was fond of the topic of the Chernobyl accident from a young age. Her father was one of the few who was involved in the elimination of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident. Youtube channel will provide detailed activities about the group "Onuka" with all its colorfulness, as well as many sites that will be happy to share information with the fans of the group.